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Connected Beginnings Purpose is to improve the opportunity for our Aboriginal children to achieve their best potential by increasing their level of participation in mainstream Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) and any other relevant services and settings. Our aim is to achieve systemic and sustainable positive change by working together across the community and services to improve school readiness and educational outcomes for our Aboriginal children and their families across the 2770 postcode. 

Aboriginal Health Services, Baabayn, Kimberwalli, Justice Re-invest, KOWA and all other relevant services in the area. The initiative is to address the elevated levels of developmental vulnerability, long waiting list, issues in accessing culturally appropriate services and the barriers that our mob face when trying to access Early Childhood Education and Care services in the Mt Druitt 2770 postcode area. Our Connected Beginnings Team is about strengthening the child service system by having our Aboriginal Community voices lead the way. The Connected Beginnings team do this by using the principles of the collective impact approach, which help us to ensure we have our Aboriginal community voices at the centre and then shared across the service system. The aim is then to bring the whole community together to address these issues and start working towards a common goal to achieve better outcomes for our Aboriginal children and families.

Ngroo has some new exciting program, these offerings include the following:

  • Speech Therapy

  • Health and Educational Screenings

  • School Readiness Days

  • Supported Referral Service (Supporting families to navigate appropriate services catered to their needs). 


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Have your say in the survey link below, when you finish, simply send us a message with a 'Thumbs Up' and we will put you in the draw!!

Are you having problems accessing local services?

Do you think they should deliver better outcomes for our community?

This survey is designed to give community living &/or accessing services in postcode 2770 to have a say in how local services are working.

In creating this survey, we hope it will help to improve local service delivery for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in our community.

Survey responses will be completely anonymous.

We will be sharing survey responses with community at community data days in Mt Druitt. In doing this it will show community what is not working, and what needs to change within the service sector and what is working well