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Connected Beginnings aims to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children based on evidence of what works in community building and collaboration from Australia and overseas.

The Mt Druitt Connected Beginnings team uses a collective impact approach, which brings people together in a structured way to achieve community-led social change. The Mt Druitt Connected Beginnings team works closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to identify early childhood priorities for change.

A focus is ensuring that services, such as early childhood, maternal and child health, family support, pre-schools, councils and government agencies work together to provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families with support and timely access to services. This then supports early learning, and addresses children’s health, attendance, and cultural safety. The program aims to help children to become school ready.

We are supporting families to break through challenges family’s experiences in access such as transport, limited understanding of how services operate, fear of judgement and discrimination, isolation and navigating sometimes complex service engagement processes. Our commitment is to support all Aboriginal families and their children in having a positive experience and start to their schooling lives.


Ngroo has some new exciting program, these offerings include the following:

  • Speech Therapy

  • Health and Educational Screenings

  • School Readiness Days

  • Supported Referral Service (Supporting families to navigate appropriate services catered to their needs).