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The Walking Together model has taken seven years to develop and is returning access, attendance and improved learning outcomes for Aboriginal children as documented in the Voices Research Project.

The Walking Together Model provides the following achievements:

  • Greater awareness and understanding in non Aboriginal staff

  • Better relationships with Aboriginal people

  • More Aboriginal children in services

  • Better outcomes in attendance, learning and school readiness

  • Trained Aboriginal resource personnel in each location as employed Aboriginal Mentors

  • Culturally safe services with staff and families designing programs from an equitable position.

Ngroo staff will provide specifically designed programs for your school:

  • Cultural education training for staff

  • Weekly programs for students in how to connect to country and learn about historical and contemporary issues affecting Aboriginal people.

  • Cultural Campfires

  • Transition in School program

Our Walking Together Model can be done onsite or you can purchase the package to be done with office support.


Schools familiar with our work and its positive impact can be contacted for references.

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