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Professor Mick Dodson AM  Patron of Ngroo Education Inc.

Director of the National Centre for Indigenous Studies at ANU  and Professor of Law at ANU. In his Australian of the Year speech in 2009 Mick said  ”That every child deserves a good education and that a country as prosperous as this one should be able to provide it, are things all of us agree on. We’ve been agreed for a very long  time and yet we still can’t do it”

Mick Gooda Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commissioner

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner at the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Commenting on Ngroo’s practices Mick said “NGROO is an excellent example of culturally legitimate, contemporary Indigenous governance, which is why it is a case study in the Social Justice Report 2012. What I see all the time is that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people know best what the problems are in their communities and what’s needed to solve them. NGROO is an organisation designed to put this community knowledge front and centre and the results speak for themselves. With its strong focus on building the cultural competence of early childhood education and its structural design ensuring full participation of each community, NGROO ultimately reflects a human rights based approach to getting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children to pre-school. With this model of community governance, combined with sound corporate governance structures and outstanding leadership – both non-Indigenous and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander – NGROO offers lessons to all organisations including Governments looking to deliver services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.”

 Full report can be found in the Social Justice Report    2012


Linda Burney MP 

Ngroo Education Inc. Board Former Chairperson stated in her inaugural speech to the NSW parliament in 2003 “Education is the pillar, the cornerstone of social justice. It is education that can bring about the equity of outcomes”

Sussan Ley  MP    

Assistant Minister for Education tweeted in 2013  ” Well done Ngroo Education. Dancing with the children in bare feet is the best Closing the Gap I’ve seen”


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